Talonmore and Wilfred’s Team Up for National Spritz Day

WilMore Spritz for National Spritz Day

With National Spritz Day fast approaching on 1st August, Edinburgh’s Talonmore has teamed up with Wilfred’s for the first time to create a limited edition non-alcoholic spritz cocktail called the ‘WilMore Spritz’, offering those wanting to celebrate this great summer drink, a refreshing alternative spritz cocktail with notes of ginger, grapefruit and rosemary to create the perfect non-alcoholic spritz.

The spritz grows in popularity every year with CGA data reporting that 78 percent of consumers would choose a spritz serve at least occasionally. The advantage of the spritz being a longer drink, means that it can be enjoyed over a greater period of time, confirming the trend of cocktail lovers looking for more premium drinks, and with over 8 million adults in the UK wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, Talonmore is shaking up the non-alcoholic drinks market by championing the adventurous lifestyle that could normally be sacrificed with traditional alcohol.

Scottish based Talonmore is a relatively young family run business that was established in Edinburgh only three years ago, with their latest batch of Talonmore having a brand-new look and feel, along with an updated label and eye-catching red foil.

Wilfred’s was created by Chris Wilfred Hughes after being increasingly frustrated by the uninspired, overly sweet and usually unhealthy non-alcoholic options available. As a result, he set about reinventing the spritz, deciding that flavour, quality and complexity were of the utmost importance. Inspired by his travels around the world, Hughes eventually turned to the authentic flavours he associates most with London that included freshly picked rosemary from his mother’s garden and the bitter oranges in his father’s homemade marmalade.

Made in Britain with natural botanicals, zero alcohol and only 20 calories per serving, Wilfred’s aperitif pairs superbly with Talonmore and premium tonic water to create the refreshing ‘WilMore Spritz’.

If you visit Talonmore’s website, you will see that the two alcohol-free companies are currently offering a special bundle deal with 20 percent off both brands so that you can make your own delicious cocktail to enjoy at home on National Spritz Day.

 Bottle of Talonmore

Talonmore has a distinctive taste that is fired by the spice of ginger and Assam tea whilst being complemented with malty notes and fruit sweetness. When paired with Wilfred’s complex bittersweet orange and rosemary aperitif, the ‘WilMore Spritz’ creates a beautifully crafted and impeccably refreshing non-alcoholic spritz.

To make the ‘WilMore Spritz’ you will need 50ml Wilfred’s NA Aperitif, 50ml Talonmore NA Spirit, 100ml premium tonic water and some grapefruit and rosemary for a garnish.

First fill a large wine glass with plenty of ice, then add 50ml of Wilfred’s NA Aperitif, followed by 50ml of Talonmore NA Spirit. Add a dash of premium tonic water (100ml) and stir briefly before finally garnishing it with some grapefruit and rosemary.

Lewis Kennedy, Managing Director at Talonmore Drinks Company, said:

“Talonmore has admired Wilfred’s for some time now. We always thought the flavours of both brands would work perfectly together. After an exciting chat with Chris and a delicious spritz sampling session, we were absolutely right.

“We only see the popularity of alcohol-free serves getting more and more popular. Talonmore is all about offering choice and versatility and with National Spritz Day coming up, what a perfect opportunity to partner with another forward-thinking alcohol-free brand to create the ‘WilMore Spritz’. We hope this will become a household serve for alcohol-free fans this summer, and many summers to come.

“The ‘WilMore Spritz’ offers the perfect serve for all day summer fun. Enjoying the sun in style, with a mix of refreshing notes of ginger, grapefruit and rosemary – a gorgeously refreshing and complex spritz, just without the alcohol.”

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs by Connor Mollison courtesy of Talonmore Drinks Company

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