TiNDLE Foods Expands UK Product Availability

TiNDLE chicken retail range

It has now become a little easier to find TiNDLE chicken here in the UK with the product’s retail expansion into Whole Foods Stores and additional new restaurant partners.

On a recent visit to Whole Foods flagship store on Kensington High Street I did indeed see three of their retail packs available, namely the TiNDLE Nuggets, TiNDLE Tenders and TiNDLE Wings, all of which I bought to try at home over the festive period as they are so easy to prepare. I simply pop them into the oven for about 10 minutes and serve them with a salad, to make the perfect healthy light meal. Earlier this year I tried their TiNDLE Burgers, which I particularly like and are perhaps my favourite product out of the range.

TiNDLE Foods’ mission is to make saving the planet an easy, enjoyable and delicious experience by creating high-quality culinary dishes without compromise when it comes to taste and texture. And I can certainly vouch that their plant-based chicken actually tastes like chicken!

If, however, you don’t live in the Greater London area or close to a Whole Foods store, then Morrisons also stock TiNDLE products on their supermarket shelves.

When they entered the UK market early last year, TiNDLE Foods collaborated with some of the top chefs and culinary professionals, as well as a selection of restaurants and pubs such as BrewDog, Clean Kitchen Club and Seoul Bird. Within a year, they then added some retail and e-commerce channels to their distribution network so that TiNDLE products were more widely available in the UK.

Today, you can now find TiNDLE Chicken in hundreds of Morrisons grocery stores and supermarkets across the nation. These include TiNDLE Burgers and TiNDLE Chicken Kyiv in the chilled sections of their supermarkets, in addition to new offerings in the frozen aisles, as for the first time in the UK, Morrisons is offering frozen packages of TiNDLE Burgers, TiNDLE Nuggets, TiNDLE Tenders and TiNDLE Wings.

Jean Madden, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at TiNDLE Foods said:

“At TiNDLE Foods, we’re committed to delivering delicious, high-quality culinary experiences and have been able to do so thanks to our trusted partners both in restaurants and in grocery stores. Our recent expansion in the UK, which includes launching more products in both Whole Foods Market and Morrisons stores nationwide – plus offering creative and delicious holiday menu specials with the YO! group – allows us to meet consumers where they are and show that memorable dining experiences don’t necessarily need to rely on animal-based foods and can leave a smaller mark on the planet.”

Although I was able to find TiNDLE Nuggets, TiNDLE Tenders and TiNDLE Wings at Whole Foods, I was disappointed not to be able to find their TiNDLE Burgers or Chicken Kiev.

TiNDLE Chicken Kyiv

On the other hand, if you don’t happen to be close to a Morrisons or Whole Foods store, then you should be able to find all of TiNDLE’s products at the plant-based online grocer Mighty Plants.

And if you eat out a lot and would like to try TiNDLE chicken in a restaurant, there are now some additional new restaurant partners you might like to visit, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Lewis Hamilton’s Neat Burger and the popular burger chain Byron Burgers, where you can enjoy offers TiNDLE Chicken Burgers, TiNDLE Chicken Strips and TiNDLE Chicken Wings.

Madden commented:

“Our mission thrives thanks to the invaluable support of our restaurant and retail partners, who craft innovative and delicious experiences. We are delighted to welcome popular eateries like Neat Burger and Byron Burgers and collaborate with retailers to widen our reach and meet consumers where they are – satisfying the cravings people want from animal meat but in a more sustainable way.”

For those of you who would like to enjoy TiNDLE chicken over the festive season, then TiNDLE Foods and YO! have partnered up to introduce two menu specials featuring TiNDLE Chicken. For a limited time until the end of the year, YO! is offering the Naughty But Nice Bao and JFC Chicken, both made with TiNDLE Chicken and available at over 50 of its locations throughout the UK.

Victoria Mathers, UK Head of Marketing YO!, said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with TiNDLE on our Christmas 2023 YO! Hoho menu. Being able to create plant-based versions of our Japanese Fried Chicken, a festive favourite at YO!, as well as our new, limited-edition ‘Naughty or Nice’ Chicken Charcoal Bao, means that all our guests can enjoy this mouth-watering menu. ‘Tis the season to celebrate with great food, and great company at YO!.”

Madden added:

“We’re delighted to be teaming up with YO!, who share in our mission to create delicious and memorable culinary experiences that leave a smaller impact on the planet,” said Jean Madden, Co-Founder and COO at TiNDLE Foods. “Our TiNDLE Chicken holiday specials underscore the notion that time-honoured traditions and recipes can be cherished and commemorated without compromising any aspect of the overall culinary journey.”

So, if you have not tried TiNDLE chicken yet but like the taste of chicken and the idea of a tasty plant-based chicken that is also healthily, then do give a couple of their products a try, I think you will like them.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of TiNDLE Foods

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