TiNDLE UK Retail Launch

TiNDLE UK Retail Range

Just over a year ago, I met with some of the people behind TiNDLE, the “ridiculously good chicken made from plants” when it launched here in the UK in over 50 top-rated eateries around the country and partnered with some of London’s most iconic restaurants.

And while I was really impressed with how much like chicken, TiNDLE tasted, I wasn’t able to enjoy it at home. Until now that is.

A couple of weeks ago I ventured out to the regenerated and impressive Battersea Power Station and Clean Kitchen Club to meet more of the TiNDLE team and try a range of the products that are now available to buy in a few retail outlets here in the UK, as well as try some extraordinarily good plant based ice cream from recent start up Mwah!

Next Gen Foods, the company behind TiNDLE and Mwah! have announced TiNDLE’s rollout into new retailers Morrisons and Mighty Plants, following the successful test of its new grocery products last winter in the UK and their launch with Germany’s largest supermarket group, EDEKA, where today you will find TiNDLE available in almost 4,000 stores.

New research shows that people in the UK are even more optimistic about the future of the plant-based category, as Next Gen Foods diversifies and expands its product base with the recent acquisition of Mwah!, focussing on dairy-inspired foods.

In fact, a recent study commissioned by TiNDLE and conducted by Censuswide, showed a rising consumer demand for plant-based chicken in the UK market with 68 percent of people in the UK believing that plant-based meals will become more widely accepted in the next five years. The greatest confidence came from consumers in Cardiff with 77 percent, Bristol with 75 percent and Leeds and London with 71 percent.

TiNDLE Recipes

UK shoppers can now find TiNDLE Burgers and TiNDLE Nuggets in over 350 Morrisons stores nationwide as well as via their online store and home delivery services.

Earlier this year, TiNDLE took part in a limited time offering during Veganuary at Morrisons stores, which generated widespread consumer demand and affinity for its new plant-based chicken products.

Andre Menezes, Co-Founder and CEO of TiNDLE, said:

“When we launched TiNDLE only two years ago, our ultimate goal was to bring enjoyment to the centre of people’s plates – but in a way that didn’t require the use of animals and had a less taxing footprint on our environment. After hearing from UK consumers on how they enjoy cooking with TiNDLE, we can’t wait to bring our newest grocery products and make it more accessible for people to incorporate into their everyday routines and recipes.”

Considering TiNDLE could only be found in a handful of restaurants in Singapore only two years ago, today it can be found in over 1,500 eateries and 6,000 grocery outlets worldwide, ranging from small independent diners to Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, and of course now grocery stores.

TiNDLE adopted a unique approach, deriving its culinary expertise from developing its products with chefs, for chefs so it could master the same taste, texture and experience of animal-based chicken. And having worked with culinary experts from day one, TiNDLE has been able to bring that recognisable and elevated restaurant experience directly into our cooking at home, recreating some of those delicious chicken recipes and favourite dishes to share with the family.

Each TiNDLE product features LipiTM, which is the company’s proprietary emulsion of plant-based ingredients that mirror the aroma, cookability and savoury qualities of chicken fat. They are also made from GMO-free ingredients to give a good source of protein and fibre with 17g of protein and 8g of fibre in every 100g of TiNDLE.

The product range currently available at Morrisons includes TiNDLE Burgers priced at £4. These juicy and tender breaded chicken burgers are easy to transform into an impressive meal in around 15 minutes. You can either pan fry them or place them on a baking tray in the oven for around 12 to 15 minutes, turning them over halfway through and cook until golden brown. I have a few packets in my fridge and they make for a delicious meal. Alternatively, they are perfect in a sandwich or as a base for chicken parmesan, for example.

TiNDLE Recipe Selection

Priced at £3.50, the TiNDLE Nuggets offer bite-sized nuggets that can be eaten on their own or used as a versatile and adaptable base for other dishes, such as curries, fajitas or pasta.

However, if like me you don’t have a local Morrisons store, then you can always go online and order these new TiNDLE products through the direct-to-consumer platform Mighty Plants. The online plant-based grocery delivery service offers the full range of five products that include TiNDLE Burgers, TiNDLE Nuggets, TiNDLE Popcorn, TiNDLE Tenders and TiNDLE Wings.

In addition to these tasty new products, I also got the opportunity to try some surprisingly good ice cream from startup Mwah! This London-based company specialises in unbelievably creamy and indulgent products made purely from plants and was recently acquired by Next Gen Foods.

Mwah! has partnered with a number of London eateries, including Floozie Cookies and WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything), to bring their decadent and creamy plant-based gelato to UK restaurants, starting with their Madagascan Vanilla Gelato. This is to be followed by their new Mwahbecue Special, which is a cinnamon spiced brioche topped with their Madagascan Vanilla Gelato and a golden syrup. I took a tub of ice cream to go and was surprised that it remained pretty much frozen for at least 20 minutes before I boarded my train home, where I could enjoy it in peace and quiet.

For more information on TiNDLE, please visit their website at: https://tindle.com, and to find out more about Mwah! please visit: https://eatmwah.com.

Author Bio:

Simon Burrell is Editor of Our Man On The Ground, a former member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and professional photographer.

Photographs courtesy of TiNDLE

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